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Okay, well, apparently the person who contacted me and asked me to write a depressing song for her about suicide for a cartoon she was working on didn't actually want the song for a cartoon. As far as I've been told, she actually wanted it to listen to while she committed suicide. Apparently she contacted me because she knew I could make a suicide song quickly and have it uploaded quickly as well. I don't know if she actually did commit suicide, or even if she was telling the truth, but it's definitely shaken me up a bit. What kind of person wants a stranger online to write them a custom suicide song?

The second thing that makes me a bit frightened is that I was woken up from a nap after work by rocks being thrown at my window. I collected the rocks that fell into the storm drain (or whatever it is) as a bit of a reminder that it happened. When I entered my apartment building earlier there were cops outside and a screaming woman, so I assume there was some kind of weird event that happened which I had missed. I know nothing about the situation, but I suspect that the woman waited until the cops were gone, then came back and started tossing rocks at the building for some reason. There have been a number of times during the past week where my neighbours have been fighting, and I noticed a few rocks caught underneath my neighbour's window. So I guess that the person was trying to hit my neighbour's window and kept on hitting mine because of bad aim. The woman is clearly unstable, and I'm honestly a bit scared to be around my apartment when whatever is going on is going on. It's a terrible thing not to feel safe in your own home, and to be too shaken up to take a rest after a long night at work.

Anyways, I'm much too shaken up to record and upload any music at the moment. So, I'm thinking I'll take a week or so off from making music and perhaps focus on something else for a while.


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