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Surprising Cartoon Kisses Experimental Song
Not Clean Enough Experimental Song
White Stone Experimental Song
Dragon Mommy Heavy Metal Song
Glitchy Guitar SOlo Solo Instrument Song
To Suffer In The Sea Experimental Song
Washer Experimental Song
Broken Arrow (Instrumental) Synthwave Song
The Fall Experimental Song
Sonichu Song Classical Song
Video Overdose Experimental Song
Cashmere New Wave Song
Snakecharmer Experimental Song
Lonely Toys Instrumental Brit Pop Song
Sad Wedding Song Fusion Song
Breastfed Ambient Song
Beautiful Suicide Synthwave Song
Stranglehold Industrial Song
Accessory Indie Song
Godzilla Eats Us New Wave Song
Lonely City Ambient Song
My Night Light Indie Song
Triumphant Toy Synthwave Song
Holding The Knife Indie Song
Love Is In The Air Indie Song
You are my sunshine Synthwave Song
What Can I Say? Experimental Song
Webnecks New Wave Song
I Can't Get High New Wave Song
Webnecks (No Vox) Dubstep Song
Electric Dancefloor Experimental Song
Emberlust House Song
Nihilist Fairy Ambient Song
Unicorns In Outer Space House Song
Bad Person Hip Hop - Modern Song
Please Don't Eat Me Experimental Song
Adventures In A Dating Sim House Song
Screaming Butterflies In The Distance Synthwave Song
Dead Orphan House Song
Mommy's An Angel Now Drum N Bass Song
Hurray Hurray Synthwave Song
In The Ice Synthwave Song
Country House 2017 Synthwave Song
Dawn Bellwether Death Song Nerdcore Song
Squidkitten Voice Demo Voice
Planning Stages Synthwave Song
Slurp Experimental Song
Sister Kisser Experimental Song
One-Sided Love Affair R&B Song
Chainsaw Experimental Song
Blue Eyed Rhetoric Experimental Song
What's Gonna Happen To The Baby? Experimental Song
Noisy Alarm Clock Experimental Song
Punishing Yourself Industrial Song
WahTear Experimental Song
Vitani x Fuli Nerdcore Song
Frogs Experimental Song
Star x Janna (Stanna) Nerdcore Song
Minimum Wage Worker Nerdcore Song
Valley Of Despair Indie Song
Watching 12 Oz Mouse Nerdcore Song
Commenters Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Held Hands Spoken Word Voice
Stupid Autistic Guy Spoken Word Voice
Lori Loud x Lincoln Loud Nerdcore Song
Lady Peri of Dot and Pearl Experimental Song
Tai x Biyomon Experimental Song
The Pink Wedding Synthwave Song
Revolver Experimental Song
Adult Flash Games Experimental Song
Scientology Experimental Song
Eating Apples Experimental Song
People Make Me Sick Experimental Song
Pull The Plug Nerdcore Song
Comforter Experimental Song
Toki x Skwisgaar Experimental Song
Devil Town (Daniel Johnston) A Capella Voice
Fluttershy x Celestia Experimental Song
Story of Gloria and Christine Indie Song
Meteorite Synthwave Song
Spyro x Flame Nerdcore Song
Something Came Over Me (TG) Industrial Song
Princess Peach x Yoshi Nerdcore Song
I Woke Up And I Was A Snail Experimental Song
Boss x Cappy Indie Song
Rape Is Murder Experimental Song
Dilemma Experimental Song
Lapis x Pearl Pop Song
Homesick Alien Brit Pop Song
Pyramid Lover Brit Pop Song
First World issues Instrumental Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Eating A Dead Horse Slowly Experimental Song
First World Issues New Wave Song
Advertissement Experimental Song
Jordan, Minnesota Experimental Song
Frankie Teardrop (Suicide) Experimental Song
Granny Experimental Song
Terrapin Experimental Song
I Killed Hitler Indie Song
I Lit Your Baby On Fire Brit Pop Song
I Don't Want To Be Alone Indie Song
Soulmate Marks Indie Song
Toxins Experimental Song
Vitani Solo Instrument Song
I Hear You Screaming Experimental Song
Rally Flag Brit Pop Song
Rebecca Sugar Brit Pop Song
Orchards Brit Pop Song
Tea Party Brit Pop Song
The Man Who Sold The World Brit Pop Song
Little Birds (Neutral Milk Hotel) Indie Song
Star Fights Evil Indie Song
Marygold Pop Song
Bijou Grunge Song
Senpai Heavy Metal Song
Nude Love Brit Pop Song
Olive Garden Solo Instrument Song
Release The Bats Brit Pop Song
Pearlidot Experimental Song
Nude House Experimental Song
Gary Sushi Restaurant New Wave Song
Distortion World Experimental Song
Celestine Brit Pop Song
Rooster Calls Grunge Song
Birdmother Experimental Song
Nice Dreams And Blue Sky Solo Instrument Song
Pearlidot Bomb Experimental Song
Ghouls Of War Experimental Song
Accident (Bad Remix) Experimental Song
Moondance Trance Song

2016 Submissions

Fading Away Brit Pop Song
Forbidden Brit Pop Song
Hopes And Dreams Indie Song
Clockseed Solo Instrument Song
Ponnie Second Thoughts Fusion Song
Oh Yeah Experimental Song
Fire Spirit (Gun Club) Punk Song
Sweet Sweet Indie Song
Everyone dies in Anime Pop Song
Complex Chris Savino Experimental Song
Red Wine Experimental Song
Coffin In A Basement New Wave Song
Baby bird play House Song
MILFShare Dance Song
It Was An Accident New Wave Song
VAS Blooper Reel Comedy Voice
Only Wanted To Be Loved Experimental Song
Bad Things To You Synthwave Song
Candy Wrapper Confessions Experimental Song
Glass Of Water Pop Song
Time to wake up Chipstep Song
Hurricane Fusion Song
Logan's Run Fusion Song
Mommy's Footsteps Trance Song
Homesick Indie Song
Vex and Silence Episode 1 (Demo) Drama Voice
Rainbow Haired Girl Solo Instrument Song
Vex and Silence Episode 1 Drama Voice
Apartment Synthwave Song
Grow Some Wings (Demo) Indie Song
All Hail The Pink Radio Experimental Song
Party's Over Dubstep Song
SkyDog Fusion Song
Nachos and Beer Ambient Song
I like eating ice cream Synthwave Song
Princess Cuddles Synthwave Song
Mansion Video Game Song
Sheathed (Demo) Synthwave Song
Vicky's Virgin Forest Experimental Song
Waiting For The Train Field Recording Miscellaneous Song
Pure Experimental Song
Firecat Let Love In Synthwave Song
Shadbase/Cwc Solo Solo Instrument Song
Theres Been A Murder Synthwave Song
There's Been A Murder / Shadbase Solo (Demo) New Wave Song
Kiwi Farms Fusion Song
Swarm of Angry Bees Experimental Song
Luan Loud (Yandere Song) Synthwave Song
Attracted To Squirrels Brit Pop Song
Garden Experimental Song
Skunk's Dream Solo Instrument Song
The Dragon's Private Fuck Synthwave Song
Country House New Wave Song
Playing Cards Industrial Song
Little Bird Big Journey Solo Instrument Song
Prison Planet (Demo) Synthwave Song
Mafa Dot Com New Wave Song
First pornographic picture Dubstep Song
Return of Sweetielestia New Wave Song
Victim (Sex on a cloud) Synthwave Song
Coffee and Toast Indie Song
Really Long Rap (DEMO) Nerdcore Song
Pinecest is way cool Indie Song
I Dated A Dragon R&B Song
Coral Reef Experimental Song
Chandler Cats New Wave Song
Clawing My Way To Freedom Industrial Song
Starlight Suicide New Wave Song
Starlight Suicide (Demo) Cinematic Song
Still Fucking Cute House Song
Halloween Experimental Song
Song For Wolves Industrial Song
Topless Tomo New Wave Song
Married An Apple Indie Song
Sweetielestia House Song
My Cuddle Bear House Song
Incest Story Memoir Creepypasta Voice
Saphira's Alive New Wave Song
The Kitchen Sink Blues Song
Foot Fetish Theme House Song
Last Dance House Song
Waterhorse Blues Blues Song
Drums Demo1 Heavy Metal Song
Alan Cinematic Song
Smiing Politely Techno Song
Third Sister Experimental Song
SpaceWreck Techno Song
Pretty Butterflies Cinematic Song
Pearl's Pets Lament Dubstep Song
Pepper Clark New Wave Song
A picture of Devin New Wave Song
Welcome Back A Capella Voice
Justin Roiland New Wave Song
Room 239 Techno Song
Pervertedly Slow Industrial Song
It's an Owl New Wave Song
Let Me Tuck You In Indie Song
Ghost Rabbit and the Sheep Industrial Song
Bluebird Helvete Ambient Song
Supermarket Techno Song
Isolated vocals Voice Demo Voice
The National Rabbit House Song
Babyfur New Wave Song
Chocolate Song Dance Song
A Toy Indie Song
Cross Dressing Dragon V2) New Wave Song
Young Lovers Industrial Song
The Fainting Couch New Wave Song
Sex and candy (Cover) New Wave Song
Stable (Harem Song) New Wave Song
Firecat's Dance Party Pop Song
Blossom is Dead Indie Song
Suicide Lullaby Ambient Song
Werewolf Dress House Song
Recovery Indie Song
Lolicon Hip Hop - Modern Song
Finn x Lady Nerdcore Song
Tad Strange (Gravity Falls) Industrial Song
These Drugs Don't Work Anymore Indie Song
Pairings Nerdcore Song
Locked In A House A Capella Voice
Concrete Jungle Trance Loop
Ariana Grande General Rock Song
Virgin (remix) Dubstep Song
Clean Boy New Wave Song
Pornography (V2) Industrial Song
Ebichu Impression Voice Demo Voice
Dinner With My Waifu House Song
Pornography House Song
Emptiness Within Trance Song
Blizzard Sings Trance Song
Every planet is dead New Wave Song
Polly (Nirvana) Grunge Song
Downward Trance Loop
The Ugly Duckling New Wave Song
Breakfast Trance Song
The Poison Ambient Song
Ambient Prologue Ambient Song
Dunkelheit (Burzum) Techno Song
Shortest Shipping Song Miscellaneous Loop
Pretty Things Pop Song
Divorced Industrial Song
Evidence New Wave Song
Demon Cleaner (KYUSS) New Wave Song
Drunk Tank Classic Rock Song
Marshmallow Love Song Trance Song
Floodlight (DEMO) Industrial Song
Hummingbird Industrial Loop
Vore New Wave Song
Jim Sterling Classic Rock Song
Child Dragon Heart New Wave Song
Handgrenades New Wave Song
The Drip Trance Song
The Pregnancy Trance Song
Maradonia Industrial Song
Tippy Toe Industrial Song
Dark castle Ghosts Heavy Metal Song
Mother New Wave Song
Albatross House Song
Crossdressing Dragon Indie Song
Fell Experimental Song
The Gallery Burns Heavy Metal Song
Hooves And Paws New Wave Song
Freezing Bubbles Industrial Song
Panic Dubstep Song
Gumwin Trance Song
Floating Solo Instrument Song
Apple Juice Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Cyndy and Felicia Experimental Song
Over The Garden Wall Experimental Song
Tormentor New Wave Song
Plush Toy (Finished) Indie Song
Horse New Wave Song
Pinky's Dream Experimental Song
Starry Nightmare Ambient Song
Dying Mother Indie Song
Incest Story New Wave Song
No one else wants to play New Wave Song
Death Order Demo Indie Song
Flowers Remix Indie Song
Cute Remix House Song
Wings (The Fall cover) Indie Song
Cake (Demo) Industrial Song
Babysitter Indie Song
Maggots Indie Song
Confusion Experimental Song
S.L.I.F.S. Indie Song
Xero Theme General Rock Song
Plush toy (demo) Indie Song
Untitled Demo Indie Song
Prince Street New Wave Song
Sally Plays Guitar General Rock Song
Virgin (Demo) Indie Song
Click (Demo) Pop Song
Spongebob Mask New Wave Song
Drag You Over Punk Song
Flowers of Romance Indie Song
My Improvised Solo General Rock Song
Cadence x Celestia Incest Nerdcore Song
TaraStrongHatesThisSong House Song
Electric Funeral Black Sabbat Heavy Metal Song
Cute Little Puppy Industrial Song
Cute (Finished) New Wave Song
Coffee Or Tea (TAWOG) New Wave Song

2013 Submissions

Xoxero - Cosplay House Song