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Send In Stewie Please (My personal opinion on the awful episode)

Posted by ti-on-suxandrox - March 21st, 2018

Once upon a time in the 1960s there was a man named Tiny TIm who was in love with the classic tinpan alley tunes that his generation didn't particularly care for, partly because tinpan alley songs were popular in a decade before they were born and rock music was taking over the airways. Tiny Tim ended up making a career out of singing these old tinpan alley songs, and also singing pretty much any current day song that he believed was popular with modern day audiences.

There was only one problem, Tiny Tim had a good singing voice, but a very limited range. He couldn't sing the classic songs he loved or the modern day songs without adopting a silly falsetto voice.

Funnily enough, when he started singing using the hilarious falsetto voice he started to get popular, but he only achieved popularity as a novelty act with a goofy voice, and it was clear that although he was making a lot of money entertaining people with his voice, what he truly desired was to be respected for making serious music.

So, his covers of popular songs because more extravangant and he started singing with his natural low pitched voice. But, did anyone care? Not really, and he realized that pretty quickly and went back to doing what people wanted him to do, singing weird falsetto versions of songs. If he had continued on the path of making serious music, he would have been seen as being a much bigger joke than when he was doing his novelty act.

Enter Seth Macfarlane, a guy who created a comedic show called Family Guy which became massively popular in the same manner as Tiny Tim, but with the exception of Seth now apparently wanting everybody to take his show seriously. Seth and his creative team created the horrible Brian And Stewie bottle episode, the awful Life Of Brian thing, the increasingly try-hard musical episodes, and now the terrible Send In Stewie Please bottle episode.

What Seth doesn't seem to understand is that the edgelord animation phase came and went, and nowadays a bottle episode where Stewie discusses his sexuality and confesses to pushing a child down some stairs isn't shocking, it won't be taken seriously by anyone except the most sheltered animation fan, and most importantly, it will be mocked and criticized relentlessly regardless of quality. The more the episode gets bullt-up (LIMITED COMMERCIALS, A SHOCKING TWIST, STEWIE REVEALS HIS SEXUALITY AND YOU GET TO HEAR HIS TRUE VOICE!! THiS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING!!) the more of a joke it becomes.

Honestly, if Seth wants this cartoon to be taken seriously, he needs to have the revelation that Tiny Tim had. Taking yourself too seriously can often turn you into a bigger joke. Sometimes it's best to simply step back, take a look at your body of work from an outsiders perspective, understand what works and what doesn't work, and simply focus on doing things that work and that your audience enjoys.

Of course, Family Guy will probably never be seen as anything other than an unfunny joke these days, because with an episode like this it feels like they watched one of the depressing ATHF episodes (Freda, Carl, Party All The Time), and didn't realize that the audience was actually meant to laugh at the characters pain, not relate to it or offer the writing team an Emmy award for making a depressing episode.