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Venting about a terrible situation at my job.

Posted by ti-on-suxandrox - March 23rd, 2018

Here’s me venting about my job to strangers online because I’m pissed off about pretty much every aspect of my job, especially about a situation that’s been going on behind my back for the past few weeks which has ended up with two of the managers quitting (or being fired, I don’t know which).


First, a little background, I work the graveyard shift at a fast food restaurant at a university. This means that the employees we hire are mostly university students, foreign students, and immigrants. As a white Canadian, I’m actually in the minority in both this area, and at the restaurant, which feels weird at times.


Anyways, in the graveyard shift there are no supervisors, or shift managers, everyone who works on the shift is just classified as a regular employee and only distinguished by whether they work in the front as a cashier, or in the back as a cook. There are no real assigned duties that anyone has to do, no list of tasks to accomplish, just the unspoken rule that whoever works in the kitchen has to have everything in the kitchen cleaned before the morning staff get there, and that the cashier has to do the same thing for the front of the store.


The problem is that since there are no assigned managers or supervisors, the university students who we hire to do the shift start to believe themselves to be ‘the boss’ during the shift, and they prove their superiority over other employees who are equally as qualified by either showcasing how much better they are at doing their job than other employees, or by simply dominating other employees with their stronger personalities. Or, perhaps, by simply believing themselves to be better than the other employees at the restaurant and labelling everyone else as idiots.


This leads to horrible morale problems amongst employees as they either feel unappreciated because they feel as though no matter how hard they work the morning staff will never thank them for their work and the dominant employees will never show ‘weakness’ by acknowledging that an employee has done a good job. This is the main reason why we have such a large turnover of employees at the restaurant, as well as the fact that no one really wants to work a graveyard shift.


Anyways, the situation that has been going on at the restaurant without me knowing happened one night when a new manager that the restaurant hired was working a graveyard shift with me. I had finished all of my tasks in the kitchen, and because the manager was working on something on the computer and no one was cleaning the front, I decided to sweep and mop the kitchen so that it would be clean when customers showed up.


That turned out to be a massive mistake as the dominant employees who didn’t like that there was now a person with the label of ‘manager’ working a few graveyard shifts saw this as an opportunity to get him fired. What happened next was that the dominant employee reported the manager to the area manager, saying that he had violated my human rights by asking me to sweep and mop the floor, which was simply not true. When the area manager didn’t fire the manager after the dominant employee’s complaint, she just kept on searching for people with more power within the company to complain to.


I should point out that the reason why the dominant employee was mad at the manager was because at one point he had written what he called a memo which stated that she needed to be ‘counselled’ because she would often work shifts wearing regular clothes instead of her uniform. I remember her throwing a massive tantrum that lasted for the entire 8-hour shift when she read the ‘memo’.


This got ridiculous and although I don’t know the entirety of what happened, what the employee told me about what she had done was enough to convince me that the situation was horrible. At one point there was a text conversation between them where the manager asked her to stop doing what she was doing, clarified what had actually happened on that night, and then called her a “dumbass” for continuing this stupid crusade against him.


In the end, the manager either quit because he was tired of dealing with shit like this from the dominant employee(s) on a daily basis, or was fired because the employee simply wouldn’t stop bringing up the incident to various people within the company, and it saddens me that because the girl ‘won’ this battle she feels as though she’s been vindicated and that all her beliefs on the matter are correct, when in reality she just made things more difficult for every other employee at the restaurant because she embarrassed all of us and the people managing the restaurant left to get away from her.

What depresses me the most is that I have to work with this girl every shift because she pissed off every other graveyard employee and I'm the only one who will work with her.

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Hang in there. But It's actually gonna get worse. Most of us have been there. It's a complete massacre every day. Everyone hates their job, eachother, their lives, and just about everything. Most of today's jobs are totally intolerable. I kinda made things worse didn't i ... well at least i can say that it's not the end and things will get better. There are a few ways of how that can happen. One that worked out the best for us is to go online, doing anything online as a freelancer is better than dealing with "THIS"
Although it will take time to learn anything that's people will pay for and ... uuugh. Just ... don't lose hope. And maybe look for some more options because this job is not the only solution.

I've worked at other jobs that weren't nearly this bad, but the difference between those jobs and this one is that there was a set chain of command that was respected in those jobs, and you couldn't turn something as trivial as sweeping the floor into a human rights issue. Also, in those jobs if you harassed the manager to the extent that she did you would get fired, not promoted with a raise (yeah, that actually happened, they offered her a promotion and a raise before she convinced a bunch of employees to quit over the "illegal human rights violation.").

Heck, she isn't even the only employee who pulls this shit. For a few months when I worked the graveyard shift there was an employee who would literally lock the store, leave for a few hours to go home (leaving me alone to clean everything) then come back before the morning shift came in and claim that she worked the full night. One day, the manager came early for his shift, saw she wasn't there and reprimanded her for it, then she and everyone who was friends with her started bullying me because she told everyone that I had 'snitched' on her. It's embarrassing to see a thirty year old woman working in fast food who behaves like that.

I'm sure that things will get better eventually when I find a better way to make money, but at the moment I'm not terribly happy with my job and I just needed to vent my frustrations a bit online.

Anyways, thanks for the comment, it's nice to talk with some who understands this kind of situation and knows how much it sucks.

now this is a situation that needs some prorevenge.

I think it will sort itself out to be honest. The area manager came in at the end of the shift to talk with her about the claims she made and the complaints she had. When it gets to the level where the higher-ups beyond the restaurant are talking with her, then things have gotten a bit more serious and it's easy to see her shooting herself in the foot so to speak when answering questions about what exactly goes on in the restaurant and what she is complaining about. Especially when the area manager starts talking to other people to verify what she's telling them.

A similar thing happened earlier actually when an employee working graveyard closed and locked the store so that she could relax after a late-night rush, but she forgot to take down a paper sign she had written informing customers that the door was locked when the regional manager walked in for an inspection. Sooner or later if you're doing something you shouldn't be doing, you'll screw up and get yourself caught.

At least you do not live in the worst country in the world (like mine). But if you are my comrad, we can stick together and try to solve the problem as adult intelligent people.

I appreciate the support my friend. It isn't exactly an insurmountable problem, and I'm sure it'll be solved, but until it does it's just another source of stress and headaches for me.

Also, I live in an apartment directly beside the train tracks. A great view of the gorgeous mountains of Canada, but I have to live with the noise from a train every hour or so. With the housing and homeless crisis in Vancouver I actually live in one of the better apartments for the money I make, and I feel blessed to live in it every time I come home.

i'm sorry to hear that. for what i personally would do is kinda straight forward and it could cause alot of trouble. where i live we don't deal with that kind of sh*t because it is not needed, and we are learned to say something to that person if they don't behave because you need to have a sertan mentality at work.

i see that she is quite the drama queen and she can be very troubeling. mabey you can talk to her because she is only causing trouble for you and the others. if she gets mad just go to your boss and say what is going on. as a boss i can imagen you wouldn't want a person like that around. and if that doesn't work and the job only gets you depressed it isn't worth it. just get out of there and find another job. i know that if you stay in such an unhappy place it will only get worse and eventually you'll regret it. (and i know that from experience)

anyway i hope your doing well besides the job and don't let people like that get the best of you because they are not worth it. just make yourself happy and keep on a smile okay ^^

Good luck with the job and everything else. i hope it will go well for you.

The thing is, I did talk to her but it didn't go anywhere because she kept on cutting me off as we talked. I also did talk to the manager, but like I said in the post he (I found this out today actually) transferred to a different store and one of the supervisors is going to be the new manager. I have no idea what will happen now, but it just weighs on me that I have to deal with a number of employees like her at my job.

Well, that and we have an audit coming up. For me what tends to happen is that when the evening staff does a bad job (doesn't stock up, leaves a mess) I have to clean and stock up before I do my job. When I have the pressure of also getting the store extra clean and organized for an audit that may or may not occur, it stresses me out.

what happens during an audit? if someone else messes up (doesn't stock up, etc.) and you don't cover up their tracks, what happens next?

Basically, we begin the audit at 100% and every time something isn't right or a rule isn't followed a percent is taken off. If we get below a certain percent the management team is reprimanded and the restaurant has to pay a fine.

so the management team is reprimanded and the restaurant pays a fine...and what then? the management fires employees?

It depends on the restaurant. At McDonald's for instance if they fail an audit they can cut the employee's wage. At this restaurant however, what happens is that we have a second audit a short time later. I think that if we fail the audit a second time then employee's hours start getting cut and people start getting fired.

It basically boils down to this: If we fail the first audit, it's the fault of the management team so they get punished. If we fail the second audit, it's the fault of the employees and they should be punished. If we fail the third audit, then head office gets involved and everyone will be punished.

>I'm the only one who will work with her

Looks like you're stuck with ursula da bitch B)
Where in canada is this anyway?

Tell us more of your adventures

Well, the place where I work is at a university in Vancouver, the place where I live is near East Hastings, which is known as the poorest area in Canada and is basically a giant homeless camp. Every day to get to work I have to take a bus through the place. They're cleaning it up a bit so that there are less homeless, but all they're doing is making them go to other places in the area. Some of the things I've seen the homeless people do are just weird, like how the homeless like to climb on board the bus for free, then go from seat to seat asking for change, or standing up and making a big speech about how terrible their life is and how you can help them by giving them some money.

so what happens if you don't clean up other employees' messes and the management gets punished? wouldn't the slacker-employee-in-question be reprimanded? alternatively, if there are no assigned shift managers for the graveyard shift, wouldn't a new one be added, or am i being too optimistic?

No, the reason why we don't have a shift manager is because according to sales reports we aren't busy enough to need a third person (a shift manager) working, and they don't want to have a supervisor or manager working because according to them it would cost too much. Audits never happen at the graveyard shift, and the regional manager never walks in during graveyard, so there aren't any real consequences for not having a shift manager on shift. It's graveyard, so according to the sales reports, we could sell $900-$2000 from 11-3, but sell around $200 from 3-7, so from a managers perspective, it isn't worth it to have three people on shift if there is 4 hours of downtime. Of course, there's no real downtime for the kitchen, because when we're not making orders we have to clean and stock up.

The slacker employees would be reprimanded, but not fired. It's the graveyard shift at a university where we have gamers, drunk students, and racist rich foreign students (I'm serious, as a white guy I've been called horrible things by the foreign students at night in casual conversation) as our customers. Most people work a couple shifts then quit, so having someone who will stay to work graveyard, even if they are lazy, is too valuable to fire. As for the evening shift who leaves the messes and don't stock up, they do have a shift manager and a supervisor who works during the shift. You can't really complain to the manager about the manager.

edit: I think that what I said earlier about the customers we have during graveyard might have sounded a bit bitchier than I intended. What I meant to say is that in graveyard at a university we see the richest and smartest students who will go on to do great things at their worst. We see the future prime minsters of the world when they were in college after they've had sex with pigs, so-to-speak. I've seen brilliant people studying to be lawyers dressed in the shortest miniskirts possible wearing only their bra and covering their bodies in glitter after spending all night at a club after a big exam. I've seen a guy studying to be a doctor run naked into the restaurant at 2am because someone dared him to. I've seen the sons and daughters of politicians in other countries acting in ways that would embarrass their parents if I was vindictive enough to film them with my phone, and I've seen a brilliant computer programmer get maced after flirting with a guy at a gay bar downtown.

My point is, this is the kind of shit I deal with on a nightly basis in addition to the other crap that comes with my job. The only reason I stayed is because I threatened to quit and was offered a raise. I imagine that many people would decide that a minimum wage job simply isn't worth the hassle and stress and occasional bullying and abuse.

I see, that does sound like a rather bad situation overall. For what it's worth, I don't think what you said about the customers was too bitchy.