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Gonna delete all my songs and migrate to Youtube

Posted by ti-on-suxandrox - July 22nd, 2019

Okay, so, lately I've been feeling as though Newgrounds isn't the most secure site in the world to house all of my songs. I feel as though I'm leaving hundreds of my valued creations on a website that might be gone in a couple of years. When this site goes down, which seems like it might be a real possibility, I don't want all of my songs to go with it.

Not to say that all of my songs are worth saving, a good case could be made that more than a few of them are embarrassing and should be erased. But, I want to decide what lives and what dies, I don't want to be a passive person waiting for an end that might or might not happen.

If you want to give any of my music a listen before it migrate to Youtube, go right ahead. Thanks for the support, and I hope that everyone who remains on this site is successful. I just don't want my music to be on here anymore, even though I think that everyone on this site is great.

Comments (3)

Why not have your songs on both Newgrounds AND Youtube? Newgrounds might even keep your songs on-line longer than YouTube does.

In my opinion, that sounds like a not-so-good idea-- migrating to YouTube that is. Looks like you have a history of songs here, and I don't think YouTube won't help with all the issues they already have.

Well, the other thing is that a number of the people following me have left the site, and I'm developing a small following on Youtube. My songs used to get around 200 hits on average within a week after being published, now I'm lucky to break 100. Youtube, for all the hate it gets, is better at promoting my music and most of the people that I want to listen to my music are on Youtube.

It might seem like a small victory, but I've already migrated a few songs onto Youtube and a couple of them have become more popular on Youtube then they were on this site. Raven's Last Goodbye was a featured track here and it only got around 1500 hits, Beautiful Suicide was favorited by Tom Fulp but that only resulted in a few hundred hits and around 10+ favorites. Both of those tracks weren't as successful on Youtube, but I feel that they could be.

Plus, I have a history of mental illness, and some of my tracks are better left in the garbage bin of history. It's not exactly a bad idea to completely erase a track like Stupid Autistic Guy where I rant for a few minutes about how much I hate myself and how lonely I feel.

Do you really want to trust Youtube with your music? The sites copyright system is notoriously easy to abuse, and some musicians had their original works claimed by others under dodgy pretenses.

I figure that's unavoidable. I'm a nobody on Newgrounds and I'm still always watching out for people using my songs without permission.

My options are limited, really, and YouTube seems like legitimately the best option. But, it's gonna take weeks/months to migrate 500 songs to a completely different site.