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Otherkins are people too

2016-09-19 17:15:45 by ti-on-suxandrox

Otherkin’s are people do, they just identify as non-human.

A popular image of Otherkin persecution that appeared and spread online is the phrase ‘Fuck you, i’m a dragon,” which was written by an Otherkin after people refused to listen to his point of view and accept his belief that although he was born a human, he identifies as a dragon. This seems similar to the persecution that existed in the 1950s when men who identified as women were first starting to gain mainstream exposure in our society. A brilliant movie like ‘Glen or Glenda’ that was mocked in the 1950s for dealing with transgender issues is now celebrated today for it’s courage, along with it’s creator, Ed Wood, who is now considered to be one of the most notorious filmmakers of all time.

Modern day witch hunts have been created through the Internet culture with the intent of persecuting these brave individuals who do not identify as humans. In time, these people will look as silly as the people who were aggressively against transgendered people and crossdressers as society becomes more progressive and technology improves so that these people can become who they feel they are on the inside. The idea of a person transforming their body into that of a dragon seems silly now, but in the future it may become a completely normal thing. Replacing skin with scales could become the equivalent of transforming a penis into a vagina, surgically implanting wings in your back could be the equivalent of having woman’s breasts implanted on a man’s chest.

“Fuck you, he’s a dragon,” may become a phrase used by the common man in the future to defend Otherkins who have been accepted by mainstream society against the ignorant people who refuse to update their beliefs so that they correlate with modern progressive attitudes. The slurs that people have been using to describe Otherkins will be viewed the same way that the word Nigger is viewed in our society now, or the slur Jap is viewed. Otherkins will be a common thing, and people will realize how silly they’ve been to mock them.

Is it really a crazy thought that someone was born in the body of a human, but identifies as a dragon? If it seems like a silly thought to you, then you aren’t a truly progressive-minded person and you should be ashamed of yourself. If you hate Otherkins, then you must hate transgendered people too, and as you can tell by looking at popular opinion online, not being progressive in our modern society is a terrible thing to be, and the Internet will rain fire on you if you make your obsolete beliefs known to the world.


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