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A short story about dragons

2016-09-20 15:00:24 by ti-on-suxandrox

Chapter 1: Electric Wizard References


Wake Up


I closed my eyes when the electric wizard appeared in front of me. I was only six years old when I decided to disobey my mother and visit Funeralopolis. The other dragons didn’t want me to go and explore the area. They said that it was scary, they said that it was dangerous, and I wished that I had listened to them.


Wake up


I heard a voice screaming at me, but I continued to keep my eyes closed. I wasn’t strong enough to fight an electric wizard, and I didn’t think that any other dragons would be stupid enough to travel to Funeralopolis, or save me from the menacing electric wizard.


Funeralopolis was an area where dead dragons were taken to be cremated, or where dragons who wished to die travelled to be killed by the ruler of the land. The land was ruled by a mysterious creature who called itself The Wizard In Black. No one had ever seen The Wizard In Black, due to the fact that it blended in with the shadows of Funeralopolis. Even the fairies which it trained as apprentices had never seen it, despite often flying or standing directly in front of it.


The electric wizards are the souls of dead fairies which have been corrupted by The Wizard In Black. Once The Wizard In Black finds the soul of a dead fairy, it immediately removes all of the light that existed within the soul of the fairy. Afterwards, it proceeds to distort and corrupt whatever remains of the soul of the fairy, result in a hideous deformed creature known as an electric wizard. The size of the electric wizard depends on how much light existed within the soul of the dead fairy.


I assume that the fairy which was used to create this electric wizard had very little light within it’s soul, judging by it’s large size.


A single bite from an electric wizard has been said to completely immobilize the unfortunate victim, and while the electric wizard was eating it’s victim it would flood the mind of the victim with images of kittens being drowned in a river by a man named Joseph Spot. The fact that research into the images seen while the electric wizard devoured a victim happened is a strange thought, the fact that they eventually discovered that the man in the images was named Joseph Spot astounds me.


“Wake up!” The voice was louder this time, and I immediately opened my eyes when I heard it. The electric wizard in front of me shrieked, and I had to close my eyes as soon as the flames which burned the electric wizard entered my field of vision.


Once the heat disappeared, I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life. The purple dragon who stood in front of me looked incredibly sexy with his bright red wings extended in a protective way. I honestly felt as though nothing could hurt me as long as I stood behind his beautiful wings.


The shrieking of the electric wizard sounded like a symphony, and the light from the dragon’s fiery breath shone on the dragon like a spotlight, highlighting all of his best features. I blushed and looked away when I realized that his exposed penis was fully erect. I assume that he was either aroused by the thought of killing the electric wizard, or from me, the sexy male dragon who was lying naked and helpless behind him.


“Run!” The purple dragon ordered, and I hesitated. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to move away from him. The thought of moving away from the protection that his wings provided, and the promise of pleasure that his dick provided, was unpleasant. I was a dragon going through puberty at the time, so my sexual urges had only started to develop a short time ago. I think that the first time I ever masturbated had been 2 weeks before this incident. Coincidentally, during that night when I had been alone in the forest, I had been thinking about the purple dragon who was currently standing in front of me.


The purple dragon’s name was Oryps, and my name is Erif. I am a dragon with red scales and blue wings, neither of which look as splendid as the features of Oryps. The purple dragon looked, to me at least, like a dragon god who was forced to spend the rest of his life amongst mere mortals so that he may better appreciate his beauty. Yet, despite his perfection, he remains humble and acts as a friend to all creatures.


“Follow me!” The incredibly sexy eight year old dragon yelled, and I immediately stood up and followed him as soon as I realized that he had started moving. His tail swished in the wind as he ran, and my eyes followed the rhythmic swishes.


Swish, swish, swish


The dead trees and grass that we ran through went almost completely unnoticed by me, though I imagine that Oryps was completely aware of all of the obstacles in his way as he ran, judging by how gracefully he ran past them and jumped over them.


He probably would have used his wings to fly away from Funeralopolis, if he wasn’t running away with me. My wings hadn’t fully developed yet, so I wasn’t able to fly. Oryps was one of the best flyers in our little colony of dragons, at least in his age group.


Swish, swish, swish


Eventually, the grass started to become greener, and the trees started to look more alive. The dead land filled with darkness and shadows that I had chosen to explore was behind me. In front of me and Oryps was the bright and life-filled land that we called our home.


Swish, swish, swish

Chapter 2: Godflesh References


All of the dragons in our little colony were created by our leader, a mysterious creature who calls itself Sungod. I cannot describe her, mainly because i’ve never actually seen her. She lives in a cave, and very few dragons have ever been allowed inside of the cave to see her.


Sungod claims that only the dragons who she deems to be the most worthy, or ‘pure’ as she calls them, may enter her cave to see her. Those who she deems to be unworthy are not fit to see her.


The main reason why dragons want to be worthy to see her, is because dragons who are deemed ‘pure’ get to breed and serve her. The breed part of that statement is what attracts male dragons to the idea of breeding with her. Who wouldn’t want to breed and serve someone with the flesh of a god?


Oryps, being the most selfless amongst all of us dragons, is most likely to be viewed as pure by Sungod. His twin brother, Ekips, might also be seen as pure by Sungod. The only major difference between them is that Ekips is less strong, less brave and less handsome than Oryps. Ekips also has baby blue eyes, whereas the eyes of Oryps are bright yellow, and they look like a gift from heaven.


Speaking of Ekips…


“What’s so special about Oryps anyway?” Ekips asked as he hung upside down in a cave, suspended by what appeared to be a spider’s web. The thin threads were strong enough to hold his body, and although he might have been able to free himself if he were able to use his claws, the fact that his claws and feet were tightly fastened to his body meant that he was unable to break free.


Erif was beside him, suspended in a similar web. The two of them were presently waiting for Oryps to rescue them. The purple dragon seemed to have a sixth sense, always knowing when a dragon was in danger.


Erif once asked Oryps how he always knew when he was in danger, Oryps replied with the following statement.


“If I haven’t seen you or my brother for an hour or two, I know that you’re in trouble and I start looking for you.”


When asked how Oryps always seemed to know where to find him, Oryps responded with this statement.


“Most of the time you seem to go where our teacher told you not to go. One day, i’m going to tell her to stop telling you about these dangerous places. I think that she wants you to die.”


“You’re just jealous that all the pretty girls and boys want to kiss his heroic purple penis,” Erif said to his friend, who blushed heavily in response as an image of dragons standing in a line waiting for their turn to pleasure Oryps appeared in his mind.


“Well duh, I mean, wouldn’t you like to be the hero who everybody wants to fuck? It’s not like he’s done anything heroic to earn all those admirers…”


“You mean, besides saving our colony three times from the evil Black Boned Angel and her army of streetcleaners?” Erif asked his friend, who growled. He would have folded his arms in response, had he been able to.


“I mean recently, like in the last two months or so…”


“He saved us from a wizard named Xnoybis last weekend, don’t you remember?” Erif asked his friend, who scoffed and turned his head away from his friend. “Whatever, I still don’t think he’s that great,” Ekips murmured to himself, and Erif giggled.


“Come on guys, seriously, how could you get taken by an army spider?” Oryps asked as he stood at the entrance to the cave with an exasperated expression on his face. He looked tired, and Erif was willing to bet an entire month worth of food that he had recently been awoken from a nap, possibly by a fairy who was worried about the two missing dragons.


Erif smiled as Oryps walked towards him. “He must have caught us off-guard and overpowered us, those army spiders are vicious.”


“Those army spiders are 30 centimeters long. That thing must have spent hours just dragging you to it’s cave,” Oryps said to his friend as he walked towards the web that was holding his friend. With a quick movement of one of his claws he severed the web and Erif fell on the cold ground.


“Oh sure, save your boyfriend before you save your own brother,” Ekips scoffed. “You’re always thinking about the dragons who lick your dick aren’t you?”


Oryps smirked as he walked up to his brother, who glared at him as he hung from ceiling of the cave. “Are you saying that you want to suck my dick for preferential treatment?” Ekips looked horrified when he heard the words spoken by his brother, Erif giggled yet he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. He was aware that Oryps was joking, but he still didn’t like the thought of any other dragon doing anything sexual with his long time crush.


“Do you want me to suck your dick? Do you imagine my lips satisfying you when your boyfriend sucks you off?” Ekips asked his brother, who groaned as he lifted his claws into the air.


“Okay, that’s it,” With a firm swipe, Oryps severed the cobwebs keeping his brother suspended in the air. “You’ve been up there too long, all the blood rushed to your head,” Oryps caught his brother before he hit the ground and held him in his arms.


“You’re not thinking straight, you need to lie down for a little while and recover from this traumatizing situation,” Oryps said to his brother as he held him in his arms and started to walk towards the entrance to the cave. Ekips blushed as he looked into the eyes of his brother as he was carried, while Erif stared at the two brothers in shock.


“Will you lie down with me?” Ekips asked his brother, who nodded his head and smiled as Ekips cuddled against his body as the stronger dragon continued to carry him.


“Did you kill the spider?” Ekips asked his brother, who smiled as he nuzzled his brother’s cheek.


“Of course I did, you don’t need to worry about the scary spider, you don’t need to worry about anything ever again,” Oryps whispered into his brother’s ear.

Chapter 3: Emperor References


Erif was mad.


Erif used to be the dragon would get in trouble on a weekly basis and have Oryps save him. He still got in trouble on occasion, but he was now strong enough to take care of himself. It looked silly to have a teenage dragon call for help from a monster when he was nearly twice the size of most things that could threaten him. Bears were the closest thing in the valley that could injure him, but they were terrified of fire. Plus, Oryps snapped a bear’s neck to save his life when he was young and now bears mostly stayed away from even the smallest of dragons.


He cursed the tiny dragon known as Ekips for his small form and the adorable way that he screams when he is in trouble. Oryps, who had grown to be four times the size of Ekips and twice the size of Erif, would always rescue him and then fly off into the sunset.


Oryps now lived in a cave near the top of a mountain, and Erif had difficulty flying to his home. Ekips would have had the same difficulty, if Oryps wasn’t constantly flying him to the cave. Erif was fully aware of the nights that Oryps would spend cuddling with his brother, and he didn’t like it.


Erif was mad.


“How dare he love someone who isn’t me!” Erif screamed to the purple haired fairy in front of him as he stopped in front of her. The two of them were in Erif’s cave near a stream filled with bright pink water. Wit, the purple-haired fairy, was lounging on a small rock in the cave.


“Do you have any idea how childish you sound?” Wit asked the dragon, who apparently didn’t hear her and continued stomping around the cave.


“Maybe if I act like a child he will love me, he obviously has a thing for immature dragons, judging by his mate,” Erif said bitterly to the fairy, who rolled her eyes at the fuming dragon stomping around the cave.


Wit wasn’t amused by the way that Erif was acting, and if she wasn’t currently hiding in his cave from The Black Wizards, she might have flown away from the dragon and his cave.


“Curse you all men,” Wit whispered as Erif continued throwing his temper tantrum over his unrequited love for a dragon who was currently courting his brother.


“I mean, Oryps isn’t even here to stop The Black Wizards from destroying our colony and terrorizing our fairies. But you just know that if Ekips was being attacked, Oryps would kill all of them.” Erif pouted although he was entirely unaware that just outside his cave, Oryps was battling The Black Wizards to save his colony of dragons, while Ekips remained safe in the cave that they shared.


“We’re not your fairies, we’re not anyone’s fairies, we’re our own race,” Wit said to the childish dragon as she glared at him. Erif scoffed at the fairy, which seemed to make her a little more angry.


“You seem to forget that your race used to be slaves to the electric wizards. We liberated you from their tyranny, therefore you are in our debt,” Erif said with a smug expression on his face to the fairy, who appeared to be ready to attack him. A smart dragon would have likely chosen to remain silent to avoid making the fairy angry, but Erif was not a smart dragon.


“If you say one more word, i’ll kill you,” Wit glared at the dragon as she spoke. The dragon smirked at the fairy before ignoring her warning and speaking.


“How can you have so much pride when you spent your entire life as a slave.”

Chapter 4: Murder Mystery


Erif’s body lay untouched within his cave for a few weeks before it was found. Oryps would have likely searched for the body sooner, had he not been busy dealing with the latest powerful creature who sought to either take over the world, or destroy it. Oryps stopped caring about the motivations behind the creatures he fought when he was young.


Ekips immediately suspected that Erif hadn’t spontaneously lost all of his limbs, and that the horrible state of his scales wasn’t the result of disease. Ekips hypothesized that Erif had somehow made a dragon angry, and that dragon had ripped off all of his limbs and roasted his scales with his or her fiery breath.


Ekips immediately assumed that Oryps had killed Erif, and he had confronted him about his suspicions when they cuddled together near a fire that Oryps had made in the cave that they shared. Oryps immediately denied killing Erif, and Ekips assumed that he was telling the truth.


“Would you ever kill me?” The question asked by Ekips hung in the air for a few seconds. The eyes of Oryps were closed as he cuddled against the body of his lover, and it took him a few seconds to groggily open his eyes after the question had been asked. Ekips was used to this, Oryps repeatedly saved their colony and the entire planet from villains on a regular basis. As a result, he had very little time to sleep and was prone to dozing off when there wasn’t enough stimulus to keep him awake.


Ekips assumed that his more relaxed demeanor was the main reason why he was chosen as the mate of Oryps, rather than Erif who had been much more excitable. The thought of possibly sharing a cave with Erif, who might constantly pester him for sex, kisses or tales of his daily adventures was off-putting for the heroic dragon who simply wanted to sleep.


“I would never want to kill you, but I might have to,” Oryps murmured to his brother before he closed his eyes. Ekips stared at his lover in shock for a few seconds as he took the time to comprehend what his brother had told him.


Ekips quickly started shaking his brother, who groaned as his eyes remained closed and he started to lightly claw at his brother in a futile effort to get him to stop shaking him so that he could rest.


“Stop it,” Oryps mumbled sleepily, and Ekips growled at his brother. “No, I can’t sleep now. You just told me that you might have to kill me.”


After Ekips had spoken, the eyes of Oryps opened quickly to stare at his brother, who currently appeared to be on the verge of crying. His watery eyes stared at his brother, and his tail wrapped around his body in a way that Oryps assumed was meant to comfort him. Oryps would be lying to himself if he said that he didn’t think that Ekips looked adorable at that moment.


“Is that why you don’t want to mark me as your mate?” Ekips asked his lover, who hesitated before he solemnly nodded his head. Ekips immediately burst into tears and started running towards the entrance to the cave.


“1, 2, 3…” Oryps started counting to himself as soon as he lost sight of Ekips. “...4, 5, 6…” Oryps continued to count.


As soon as Oryps reached the number 21 Ekips returned to the dragon with pink tears running down his face and dripping onto his scales. The pink tears had left a trail on the floor of the cave which indicated where he had ran within the 21 seconds he had been apart from Oryps.


The purple dragon idly thought about the work that he would need to do to cover up the tears that had fallen on the ground. Since they glowed in the dark, he wouldn’t be able to sleep until they were covered up. He would also need to give Ekips a bath to clean the tears from his body, and he debated whether he would bathe him in the river, or clean him with his tongue.


“To answer your question,” Oryps said to his lover, who was currently curled up in a ball in front of him trying desperately to wipe the tears from his face. “Yes, that is the reason why I never marked you as my mate. That, and I don’t think that you’re ready to be marked.”


Upon hearing the words spoken by his lover, Ekips immediately glared at his brother with a look of anger on his face. Oryps continued to look at him calmly, which only seemed to make his brother angrier.


“You don’t think i’m ready, what’s that supposed to mean?” Ekips asked his brother, who smiled as he stood up from the place where he was lying down and stretched. Ekips blushed and looked away from the admittedly sexy dragon as he stretched his body after his nap.


“You’re small, I love you but you need to understand that you’re small and you’re fragile. If I were to mark you, I might kill you,” Oryps said to the smaller dragon as he walked towards him.


Once the large purple dragon was close to his dragon lover, he gently extended his tongue and licked the right cheek of the dragon. Ekips blushed at the contact, and a small smile appeared on the larger purple dragon’s lips at the positive response to his display of affection.


“I’m not a child anymore, I don’t need to be protected,” Ekips said to his lover, who smiled before he placed a gentle kiss on the cheek which he had recently licked.


“You might not need to be protected, but I need to protect you, I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you,” Oryps said to his brother, who noticed a tear beginning to form in one of his eyes, which was quickly wiped away with his claw.


“I know that you would never hurt me, and I know that you only want to protect me, just like you protect everyone else,” Ekips said to the larger dragon with a small amount of bitterness in his voice. “But that’s the problem, you protect everyone. I guess I just want you to show me that I mean more to you than everyone else. I mean, you say that we’re mates and you say that you love me, but the only thing you’ve ever done is kiss me. We haven’t had sex, and you’ve never marked me as your mate.”


Ekips words hung in the air, and Oryps took a few minutes to process what his lover had told him. He knew that Ekips was right to feel as though he was owed something special from him as his mate, but he believed that the kisses he bestowed upon him and the shelter that he provided in his cave was enough to show how much he cared. He didn’t care about sex, and cuddling with his lover while he slept was all that he desired in their relationship. It had never occurred to him that Ekips might want more.


However, he still refused to mark the small dragon as his mate, and he was extremely reluctant to engage in any form of sex with the small dragon. He knew how powerful he was, and he knew how weak Ekips was. The size difference between them was a good indicator that something might go wrong if the two dragons ever had sex.


He had considered marking Ekips as his mate in the past, but he realized that the size of his teeth and the strength of his jaw could easily damage the tender skin on his lover’s neck if he wasn’t extremely careful. He wasn’t sure that he could mark his mate without killing him.


“I don’t want to risk your life,” Oryps said to the small dragon. Tears started to form in the eyes of the small dragon as he stood up.


“Fine,” Ekips said as he turned his back away from his lover. “I guess you don’t love me.”


Ekips quickly ran away from the large purple dragon, and Oryps sighed as he sat down on the ground.


“1, 2, 3…” Oryps started to count in his head, his eyes started to feel heavy.


“4, 5, 6…” Oryps continued to count, yawning a little as he did so.


“7, 8, 9....” Oryps continued to count, but he found it hard to focus on the numbers in his mind when his eyes were so heavy. The temptation existed to simply curl up into a ball and fall asleep.


By the time Ekips appeared in front of Oryps, the large purple dragon was sleeping. Ekips smiled as he leaned in towards the dragon and stroked his face with his claw.


His eyes wandered towards a particularly soft section of the larger dragon’s neck. He smiled as idea appeared in his head, an idea that Oryps might not enjoy, but that he honestly believed was an idea that he would grow to love.


Of course, he also believed that it had been a good idea to steal the jewel of Xnoybis, nd that hadn’t turned out too well.


The dragon carefully extended his long tongue and proceeded to rub it against the soft flesh, tenderizing it. Oryps didn’t open his eyes, yet a content smile appeared on his face as Ekips massaged the area with his tongue.


“I love you Ekips, more than anything,” Oryps whispered in his sleep, and Ekips smiled. He knew that his brother loved him, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t like to be reminded of his love on occasion.


“I love you too,” Ekips whispered to the dragon, before he admired his handiwork on the soft section of his neck. He had no experience or guidance regarding how soft the neck had to be before he could bite down and mark his mate for life, but it seemed as though he had tenderized it enough.


Once he bit into the skin, he would leave a mark that would brand Oryps as his mate for life. The mark would never leave him, and it would be a symbol of their bond for the rest of his life.


With only a brief moment of hesitation, Ekips bit down on the soft skin. The taste of his mate’s flesh filled his mouth, and he made sure to savour the taste of his one true love.


Shortly after he tasted the flesh, a second taste appeared in his mouth that he didn’t expect to taste, blood.


Ekips recoiled in horror as blood gushed out of the neck of his lover. Oryps opened his eyes when he heard the sound of Ekips screaming and smiled at the small dragon. The smile faded once he saw the blood on his mate.


“Are you hurt?” Oryps asked Ekips. The colour had drained from the face of the little dragon, who stared at the large purple dragon with a look of terror on his face. It was at this moment that Oryps felt a sharp pain in his neck, he rubbed his claw against the spot where he felt the pain and brought his claw to his line of sight. Once he saw the blood, he guessed what had happened.


“Oh Ekips, what have you done?” Oryps whispered to his brother, who whimpered in front of him.


“I’m sorry,” Ekips said to the bleeding dragon, who shook his head as he closed his eyes.


“I can’t get mad at you,” Oryps whispered to the dragon in front of him. “I love you more than anything and anyone in the world.”


“You can’t die!” Ekips yelled at the dragon as he ran towards him and hugged him. “I still need you to protect me, you have to protect me,” Ekips whimpered as he hugged the dragon, who smiled.


“I love you,” Oryps whispered to the small dragon. His breathing stopped, and Ekips started to shake his body.


“You can’t be gone, please don’t be gone,” Ekips whispered as his tears fell to the ground and mixed with the blood of his former lover.

Chapter 5: The Final Chapter


“W-well, what d-do you t-t-think of the story s-s-so far?” Ekips asked his brother, who shook his head as he lay on his bed on the opposite of the room. The two brothers had shared a room together since they were eight years old, and now they were 16.


“I get why you made us dragons, I mean, we will be dragons after we have enough money for the surgery,” Oryps said to his brother with a smile on his face that was returned with a smile from his brother. A full year of working at a fast food restaurant had given them almost enough money to afford the transformative surgery they would need to transform themselves into the dragons they felt they were inside.


“But, why did you kill me in the story?” Oryps asked his brother, who seemed to squirm nervously in his bed after he heard his brother’s question.


“Well, I-I, I don’t know.” Ekips murmured to his brother, who smiled at him from the other side of the room. His brother loved him, and he loved his brother just as much. They had been in a romantic relationship with each other for at least a year. Not that their parents were aware of their relationship, they just assumed that they were siblings who got along well with each other.


“I know that you don’t like Erif, but why did you kill him in the story? I mean, I only went on a couple of dates with him in middle school,’ Oryps said to his brother, who shook slightly as the memories of Oryps holding hands with Erif as he walked through the halls of the school appeared in his mind. He admitted that Erif was a nice guy, but jealousy blinded him to his positive qualities.


“W-w-well, I-I-I guess I just…” Ekips was silenced when a hand covered his mouth and his brother stood over him, smiling. He slowly released his hand to reveal the smiling mouth of Ekips.


“Your stutter turns me on,” Oryps whispered to the boy who would eventually become a dragon. “Kiss me.”


Ekips wasted no time, and he gleefully eliminated the gap that existed between their lips, savouring the taste of his brother.


And they all lived happily ever after.



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