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2017-01-28 10:50:00 by ti-on-suxandrox

The Decadent Hotel
Chapter 1
“I hate them, I hate them all,” A dark haired man said with a bitter tone to his voice as he stood behind the front desk in the hotel that he worked at. He was a short man, just under 5’1, and he was a young man who had recently celebrated his 22nd birthday by himself in one of the hotels hot tubs with a chocolate cake and little else.
“You think that I don’t hate them?” A tall blonde haired man who was a year older than the dark haired man said as he lounged on one of the three black leather couches in the lobby. His long hair flowed lazily off of the chair, and the dark haired man with short hair wondered how the 6’5 man was comfortable lying on the small couch. The way that he contorted his body to fit on the couch seemed extremely uncomfortable.
“I didn’t say that. I just said that I hate them,” The dark haired man growled as he opened a book that lay in front of him on the desk. He started reading the list of names from one of the pages within the book.
“It’s like they don’t think that we know what those people do when they check in,” The dark haired man said with a frown as he thought of the cute blonde haired teenage girl who had walked in a few hours earlier with an older woman who looked at her as he assumed that a wolf would look at a delicious rabbit in the wild.
“Peter, please stop, you’re working yourself up,” The blonde haired man said with a lazy smile on his face as he stood up from the couch. The dark haired man smiled as the full height of his friend was showcased in the lobby of the hotel for him, and whoever decided to walk through the door at the moment, to see.
“You know, I’ve never seen you this upset about working here until you saw that blonde girl check in,” The blonde haired man said to the dark haired man, who blushed and looked away from his friend.
The dark haired man wouldn’t admit it to his friend, but he found himself attracted to the blonde haired girl and he was jealous of the older woman who she was with. When he was 17 he had been offered a job at a hotel that had opened up within the small town of Voivodville. The idea of a large 9-story hotel being located in a small town seemed odd to a lot of residents, and he later discovered that the hotel was stranger than the people in the town believed it was.
When he had started work at the hotel with the blonde haired man, he was surprised to learn that they would be the only two employees within the hotel. The blonde haired man would cook, clean, and make sure that the guests in the hotel were taken care of. The dark haired man would monitor the check-in and check-out times of the guests, and film the guests in their rooms if they had agreed to pay a little extra for their stay in the hotel.
He had been surprised to learn that he needed permission from the manager to leave the hotel. He had also been surprised to learn that the blonde haired man would need to be with him to monitor him whenever he left the hotel. The hotel would close when either of the two men, or both of the men, took time off.
The hotel was built by a number of powerful institutions within the world. The purpose of the hotel was to allow the members of the institutions to indulge in activities that some people would consider obscene. Some men who checked into the hotel would dress like women when they had sex, some men would have sex with animals that may or may not be supplied by the hotel.
The woman who had checked in earlier was a regular at the hotel. Almost every night she would check in with a different teenaged student from her school. On Fridays she checked in with a purple haired girl who always wore a fancy white dress when they checked in, on Mondays she would check in with a short brown haired boy who looked incredibly uncomfortable when he was beside the woman and the blonde haired man who hung out in the lobby. On Wednesdays she would check in with a girl with rainbow colored hair and requested that a large bottle of shampoo await them in their room. It appears as though the blonde haired girl would be the girl who she would check in with on Tuesday nights.
“You’re upset because you want to fuck her, that’s so hypocritical,” The blonde haired man said with a smile, which angered the dark haired man.
“Well, maybe I’m sick of this place after all these years of keeping secrets and not being allowed to leave. Do you think I enjoy living in this hotel?” The dark haired man asked the blonde haired man, who paused to consider what the man had asked.
“You’re allowed to leave, and what’s so bad about living here? We have a fully stocked kitchen, state of the art equipment, a pool and a hot tub in every room. We don’t even have to pay rent for our rooms,” The blonde haired man said to the dark haired man, who continued to sulk behind the counter.
“Maybe I’ve finally developed a conscience after all these years,” The dark haired man said to himself, which caused the blonde haired man to chuckle.
“What’s so funny?” The dark haired man asked his blonde haired friend, who smiled as he started walking towards the elevator.
“I was just thinking about how you have apparently gained a conscience, and I think I’ve just lost mine,” The blonde haired man said as he pressed the top button on the panel on the left side of the elevator. After a few seconds of waiting, the elevator doors opened and the man stepped inside. He pressed the button that was labeled with the number four, and the elevator doors closed soon afterward.
The blonde haired man had hated his job when he first started working, but after a year of working at the hotel he learned to enjoy the benefits offered with the job. He was paid a lot of money to live in a fancy hotel, and occasionally he would be asked to get involved in the sinful activities that the patrons of the hotel would involve themselves in.
What bothered him was the knowledge that if the authorities ever caught one of the pedophiles that molested children, they wouldn’t be chastised harshly and most of them would be able to continue working, albeit in a different school. It bothered him that pedophiles were allowed to continue to receive opportunities to molest children, and more opportunities to learn how to avoid getting caught so that they could continue molesting children.
The elevator doors opened and the man stepped outside of the doors onto the fourth floor. He immediately started walking towards room 429. Once he was standing in front of the room he reached into his pocket and pulled out his special key card, which would open any room within the hotel.
He inserted his card into the door, and gently pushed it open once he saw a green light that indicated that the door was unlocked. He quietly walked inside the darkened room, and he followed the sounds of soft breathing to the large bed in the room located just in front of the television.
Once his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room he allowed himself to look at the two sleeping figures on the bed. The middle aged woman on the bed appeared to be sleeping with a content smile on her face, and the younger blonde teenage girl appeared to have a smile on her face as well. The younger girl had her arms wrapped around the middle aged woman as she held their bodies together. The blonde haired man might have assumed that they were a normal couple cuddling in bed had he not known the truth behind who they were and why they were there.
Unlike the dark haired man, the blonde haired man researched every guest who entered the hotel. He discovered that the older woman, who appeared to have brunette hair, worked at a school that was a little less than two hours away by car. Every time that she wanted to do anything with the students that had attracted her in some way, she would drive them to the hotel, pay to spend the night, and drive her students back home the next day. Many of their customers paid to stay at the hotel every night, so the only thing noteworthy about the woman was the distance that she was willing to travel on a nightly basis.
He didn’t hate the woman; he hated the people who allowed her to continue to hurt children for various reasons. Some people wanted to avoid negative public relations as a result of the scandal that would occur if her actions were ever made public, some people profited off of her. He was ashamed to admit that he profited off of the woman, as well as the hundreds like her.
Almost every night the hotel was filled with guests who were aware of the reason for the existence of the hotel. Every night the rooms were filled with people who did things in the hotel that they would never do outside of the hotel, despite wanting to. Every day he was in charge of cleaning up the various messes left in the rooms of the hotel.
Without thinking too much, the man reached out his hands towards the woman and wrapped his hands around her neck. The woman’s eyes shot open upon feeling his hands and she attempted to struggle. The blonde haired man smirked as he tightened his grip on the woman, who was unable to struggle too much against the man.
She attempted to scream, but little more than a strangled gasp escaped her lips. Within a short amount of time she had stopped moving, and the blonde haired man allowed his hands to continue squeezing the woman’s neck.
After a few minutes had passed, he released the woman and casually walked outside of the room.
“Is there something wrong?” A dark haired man who looked as though he was 30 years old asked the blonde haired man. The dark haired man was standing in the hallway, as if he had been waiting for the blonde haired man to leave the room before he spoke to him.
“You’re the manager of this place, you should know exactly what’s wrong,” The blonde haired man said with a grim expression on his face as he closed the door behind him and walked up to the man.
“I’ll admit, I’m not here as often as I would like to be. But, I care about my employees very much and I would hate to see my employees so distraught,” The dark haired man, who the blonde haired man knew as the manager of the hotel, said as the blonde haired man walked past him towards the elevator down the hall.
“I honestly don’t think that you can do anything to make me feel better about working here, without changing pretty much everything about this hotel,” The blonde haired man said to the hotel’s manager, who was walking behind him. The two men stopped in front of the elevator, and the blonde haired man pressed the button on the bottom of the panel on the right side of the elevator doors.
“I can transfer you to a different hotel if you want,” The dark haired man said to the blonde haired man as the two waited for the elevator doors to open.
“Why? So I can be just as miserable at another hotel and kill someone else?” The blonde haired man asked as the doors to the elevator opened and the two men stepped inside the elevator.
“I’d hate to lose a good employee over the loss of a customer,” The dark haired man said to the blonde haired man, who pressed one of the many buttons on the elevator panel.
“Maybe I’m not a good employee, you just think otherwise because I’m the best one you have,” The blonde haired man said as the elevator doors closed with the two men inside the elevator as they felt it travelling down.
“Even the best employees make mistakes. Besides, I can tell that you’re sorry for what you’ve done,” The dark haired man said to the blonde haired man as the elevator stopped and the doors opened, revealing the lobby of the hotel where the other dark haired man was sitting behind the counter.
“Maybe I’m not sorry, maybe I want to do it again,” The blonde haired man said to the dark haired man, who smiled from inside the elevator.
“What do you want me to say?” The dark haired man asked, and the blonde haired man shrugged his shoulders.
“I don’t know,” The blonde haired man said, as the doors to the elevator closed and the dark haired man vanished from his sight.
Chapter 2
I am the manager of one of many hotels where people who are employed by various institutions are requested to do whatever they wish to do in a safe environment. I have seen people have sex with animals, people having sex with children, and people having sex with stuffed animals.
Most of the things that I deal with on a daily basis are related to customers who perform sexual acts in the comfort and security of my hotel. Of course, occasionally customers check into my hotel with requests that differ from the sexual requests my guests usually make.
I’m familiar with murder, and I’m familiar with getting away with murder. I’ve had to commit murder numerous times within the hotel, and I’ve worked tirelessly to allow other people to get away with murder.
I also used to arrange marriages to take place within the rooms of my hotel. I stopped arranging marriage ceremonies in the hotel because my employees didn’t enjoy them very much. My tall blonde haired employee, Christopher, didn’t enjoy cleaning up the mess and cooking the food for the ceremony. My dark haired employee didn’t like the idea of a grown man marrying a plush toy. Of course, my dark haired employee didn’t seem to have a problem with the man and his plush toy having sex in the hotel.
As I sat at my desk and looked at the forms that I would need to fill out to transfer Christopher to another hotel, I started to think about how often I had gone through this process. I would often have to arrange for teachers and priests to be transferred by the institutions who needed the services that I would provide. I would also arrange to cover up murders for my clients in the same way that I would cover up Christopher’s murder of the middle-aged teacher.
I remember hearing someone tell me that the reason why certain teachers molest children is because they never developed sexually, and they seek out sexual partners who are as sexually immature as they are. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that statement, but it made me think.
Perhaps the reason why certain teachers molest children is because they graduate from high school and travel directly to college or university. Once they graduate from college or university they travel back to school to teach children. Perhaps this process somehow affects them, and makes them act out sexually with their students as their victims.
Or perhaps there’s an aspect of the educational system in schools that encourages pedophilia, which is why the educational institutions don’t want the media to analyze them. Perhaps the reason why this hotel, and others like it exist, is not simply to protect a lot of individual pedophiles, but to allow the system to continue to abuse children.
Of perhaps I’m simply over thinking this, it’s late at night and I’m very tired. My mind isn’t working right, and I’m stressing myself out thinking about Christopher’s murder.
I hired Christopher when he had just graduated from Voivodville Community High School. I knew that he’d be able to keep the hotels secrets, and I knew that he would be a hard worker. I wanted him to live a relatively stress free life within the hotel, I wanted to allow him to manage the hotel when I couldn’t manage it anymore. Although, perhaps the system that I set up to keep the secrets in the hotel safe is what transformed him into the kind of person who would kill one of my guests.
At some point I would need to send one of my two employees into the room to dispose of the body. I would also need to fill a bathtub with hydrochloric acid at some point, I would also need to phone the school and tell them that one of their teachers had died.
As much as I hated the people in my hotel that hurt others for their sexual pleasure, I hated myself even more for protecting them. I made millions of dollars protecting the people in the hotel, and I could make billions if I wanted to. With the money that was spent covering up the problems the institutions that hired him could have possibly solved them.
I can’t remember the last time that I could look myself in the mirror and convince myself that I’m not a bad person. The only time that it bothers me is on rare nights like this where I’m allowed to look at myself and realize how evil I’ve become.
I took a peek at my guest log earlier, and I discovered that more than 300 guests had decided to check in to the hotel for the night. 300 child molesters, zoophiles and killers had checked in for the night. All of them are just as filled with sin as I am, and it sickens me.
Perhaps it’s time to cleanse my soul of all of the evil within, and the best way to do that is with fire. Lots of fire to cleanse the evil within myself, and the evil that exists within every inch of the hotel.

Chapter 3
“For the last time, you didn’t hug her to death. Chris killed your teacher, not you, you’re innocent,” The dark haired man said to the blonde haired teenage girl while the blonde haired man attempted to sleep on the couch in the lobby. Tears streamed down the blonde haired girl’s face and the dark haired man admitted to himself that he no longer found her attractive with her messy hair and moistened face.
“I hugged her too tightly when we slept together, I killed her with my love!” The girl sobbed on the floor of the lobby, making her clothes dirty and adding to the disgust of the dark haired man.
“You know, I would have fucked you if you weren’t such an irrational cry baby,” The dark haired man said as he pretended to read the words on a stack of papers as the girl continued to sob in front of him on the floor.
“I wonder if the others will be this upset about that teacher’s death. What do you think?” The blonde haired man asked; the dark haired man paused for a moment as he thought of the other teenagers who the woman had checked in with on numerous occasions. The blonde haired girl continued to cry, and the blonde haired man considered calling a taxi or her parents to take her to her home.
“I think the others will find another fuck toy and life will go on. Maybe they’ll discover that Internet porn exists and get their sexual thrills online,” The dark haired man said with a smile on his face.
“Is that what happened to you? Did you discover Internet porn and become so dependent on it that you can’t get hard without thinking about anime characters fucking?” The blonde haired man asked the dark haired man, who started to blush.
“I’m into vore,” The dark haired man said to the blonde haired man, who smiled from where he lay on the couch.
“Personally, I’m into feet stuff and those food things. You know these pictures where the girls look like they’re about to be cooked and eaten?” The blonde haired man said to the dark haired man, who chuckled as he thought about his friend licking someone’s feet.
“It sounds pretty sexy,” The dark haired man said, as he looked down at his desk behind the counter and a strange expression appeared on his face.
“Hey Chris, I think you need to see this error message on my computer screen,” The dark haired man said to his friend, who sighed as he reluctantly stood up and walked towards the computer behind the counter. His eyes widened as he read the message that was flashing on the screen in bright pink letters while a smiling blue face could be seen in the corner of the screen.
This is like a totally fatal error and shit, you’re all gonna die! Have a nice day!
”Our manager set the timer on the incendiary explosives, this hotel is gonna burn,” The blonde haired man said calmly to his friend as he walked back to his the couch in the lobby and laid down. The dark haired man’s eyes widened in response, while the sobbing girl appeared not to notice that the blonde haired man had spoken.
“Incendiary explosives burning the hotel? Why would our manager create a warning like that for incendiary explosives?” The dark haired man asked his friend, who shrugged in response.
“He didn’t think that he would ever need to use them. When he built this hotel he placed incendiary explosives in the walls to destroy the hotel if its purpose was ever exposed to the public, to destroy the evidence I guess,” The blonde haired man said to his friend, who seemed to be twitching with a terrified expression on his face.
“Why didn’t anybody tell me about the incendiary explosives in the walls of this place?” The dark haired man asked his friend, who turned his head to face him.
“We did tell you, numerous times. The manager told you when you were hired to work here. A much less stupid question is; why aren’t you running to the door?” The blonde haired man asked his friend, who shrugged his shoulders.
“Maybe the flaming explosives will burn the memories of obese old men fucking plush toys while eating greasy pizza from my memory. What about you?” The dark haired man asked his friend, who shrugged his shoulders.
“Maybe I just feel guilty about the murder I’ve committed, the crimes I’ve helped cover up, and all the other sins I might have committed. Why isn’t the girl running?” The blonde haired man asked the girl, who continued to sob on the floor.
“I don’t want to live if the love of my life is dead,” The girl said through sobs, which caused both men to roll their eyes in response.
“We totally didn’t expect that answer,” The dark haired man said to his friend, who nodded his head.
“I think she might have some kind of mental disability or something.”
Chapter 4
My name is unimportant, at least that’s what I tell people because I don’t want to admit that my parents named me Jake Sparklingbreasts. I live in the town of Voivodville, and I was recently informed that a hotel in the town had burned to the ground.
I was also informed that before it burned down the hotel manager posted a list of all of the guests who had checked into the hotel on the night that it burned. A large percentage of the 300 guests within the hotel had checked in to indulge in a sexual fetish, or engage in sexual intercourse. A number of them had been teachers who had been sleeping with their students.
What bothers me is that the people running the hotel obviously knew about what these people were doing in their hotel, and they had allowed them to continue to do what they had been doing in the hotel for years. Why weren’t any of these teachers fired for having sex with their students so that other teachers who wouldn’t have sex with their students could take their jobs?
The sad thing is that most of the information relating to the hotel has been removed from the Internet. The site where the hotel once stood is filled with rubble and ash, which will be cleared relatively quickly if the amount of people working on removing the debris is any indication.
The hotel was a symbol of what society has evolved into. Something horribly decadent where morals and laws are ignored for the sake of personal pleasure. Restraints are being removed so that people can indulge in whatever makes them temporarily happy. If you have the money, you’re allowed to have sex with a scared and confused animal. If you’re in a position of power, you’re allowed to have sex with a child and people will work to allow you to do so.
Will any of this change now that the hotel has been destroyed and the truth behind it has been exposed? Probably not, if anything, another hotel will be built that’s even worse.


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2017-01-28 11:59:02

Would it have killed you to give the character names instead of "the dark haired man", "the blonde haired man", etc.?

ti-on-suxandrox responds:

I gave them names.