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I was hoping to see Arthur walking around his school with that gimp suit and his revolver trying to take over the school.

meatcanyon responds:

Ya know I thought that would maybe be a bit to over the edge haha

Pretty cool, always nice to see surreal stuff on NG.

The animation was pretty cool, I like the fight scenes and the atmosphere. At the beginning the audio was a bit awkward, but as it went on the audio actually fit quite well. I really liked how you used my breathing noise at the end of my song.

I hope to see more stuff from you.

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Decent idea, I had some fun with it. A couple problems though.

The game would periodically freeze on me if I continued to hold the 'left' button for a certain amount of time. It got really annoying to play after a while, and it crashed on me once. I get that it's meant to be hard, but I don't think it's meant to be buggy.

Also, not telling you how to restart is more than just a dick move, it's a momentum killer. One of the key elements to making hard games fun to play is the ability to restart/respawn quickly. That's why Hotline Miami is so popular. Concealing the ability to restart is one of the worst things you can possibly do in a game like this.

DynamiteFrog responds:

thank you for giving me a full detail review and yeah, the game is pretty buggy I don't really know how to fix it but I'll see what I can do

For the record, I knew that this game was going to do the subversive thing. It was honestly a relief that there was no meta-humour, there was no horror (seriously, I was expecting dead bodies because I'm so used to that kind of thing at this point), and it was mercifully short and very fun. 5 Stars.

When the main joke of the game is that it is bad and lazy, there is no joke. Just FYI, the whole "So-bad-it's-good" usually means "The creator put effort into this, that's why it's funny that it's bad" or "There's a jellybean orgy in this game cutscenes that goes on for fifteen minutes! You have to see this shit!". This game is just bad, and lazy.

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Catchy. A bit short, but I could see it working as a loop in a game.

Gougou responds:

Yeah, it was made for that :)

It's like listening to a weird version of the Powerpuff Girls theme, then being mocked for it by Mojo Jojo at the end.

Gougou responds:


I like it. The song is a bit short, but I could see it being put on a loop and being used in a flash game. Bit of a weird mix though, I think. You know me, I like my mixes to be loud so seeing such a quiet waveform looks weird to me.

I think that the only thing I would suggest to improve the song is to have included a nice snare fill at the end of the section with the kick drums. I think that would have sounded really cool.

Gougou responds:

Thank you for your help and for comment :D

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This is the greatest piece of post-modern art I have ever had the pleasure to witness. A unicorn at the corner of the picture winked at me as I stared at it for five hours straight.

I shan't ever forget this wonderful work of art, because my eyes have retreated into my brain because they refuse to look upon anything ever again because no other sight can ever compare to this wonderful picture.

Gougou responds:


I like the background and I like the character. It really does remind me of a cuter version of Squidbillies.

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Wow your so right! I did not see it untill you said it it really can be a kid's version of squid billies XD LOVE THAT SHOW thanks for the rate bud! Also glad you like the background I really was not sure about it as I created it! I almost posted it with out a background It would of shown lined paper behind it with a black tv screen good thing I did though!

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